Blueberry Harvest over for 2021

We have buckets for use on the farm, but please bring containers to take your berries home in - both for u-pick and we-pick.

2021 Prices:

    • $2.00/lb. u-pick

    • $3.25/lb. we-pick

  • We accept cash and checks, but NO DEBIT OR CREDIT CARDS

U-Pick Days and Hours:

Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays

7-10 am and 6-9 pm

We-Pick Hours:

  • We usually have a picking crew available to pick berries for you on Tuesday and Thursday mornings (occasionally Sundays)

  • These pre-ordered "we-pick" berries are available for pick-up between 8-10 am and 6-9 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays (occasionally on Sundays).

  • We pick to order - and don't store the berries:

    • Order by calling Linda: 509-969-6763. (Closed Saturdays - no calls or messages please)


    • Individuals must stay in the row where assigned. Groups/families must stay together in the row where assigned

    • No running up and down the rows and NO THROWING BERRIES (seems obvious, but …)

    • No skipping berries or bushes - Pick all ripe berries on each bush before moving to the next bush (please do not pick the unripe berries)

    • Take the orange cone with you as you pick and place the cone where you finish picking

      • Do not touch any berries or plants beyond cone

    • NO food or drink (except water) allowed in the picking area

    • Cash and checks accepted for payment - NO DEBIT OR CREDIT CARDS

    • Bring your own containers for taking berries home with you

    • NO PETS

The blueberry season usually starts about the last week of June and runs for about 4 weeks. We grow Duke and Toro varieties. The Toro starts ripening about 7-10 days later than Duke. Our blueberries are available either field packed or U-pick. Our three acre patch is netted to reduce bird damage.

Field packed berries are available by the pound (starting at 5 pounds). If you would like to buy berries already picked, please call ahead to order as we only pick for orders.


Duke is the leading early ripening blueberry variety in the Pacific Northwest. This is a large firm berry that stays fresh longer than most other varieties. Its mild flavor improves with cold storage.


Toro blueberries, one of the largest in the blueberry family, grow in tight clusters much like grapes on the vine making them easy to pick.