Pears Usually Ripen August and September - will update page as we get closer to harvest

2023 Prices

Bartlett - $12/box

Anjou and Bosc - $14/box

                                    Call: 509-969-6763 to order - Closed Saturdays - no calls or messages please

We grow Green Bartletts, Green d'Anjous (see note below), and Bosc pears.  These are available in season by the box.

Bartletts are the traditional canning pear.  The Anjou and Bosc varieties are considered "winter pears" and are great for eating fresh.  Click here for ripening instructions.


The Bosc pear has a long neck and a golden russet color, with a slightly crisp texture; an excellent dessert quality pear.  We like this pear dried.  


d'Anjou is the leading variety of winter pears.  This pear is firm and juicy with a rich flavor.  We have green d'Anjou pears.

The flavor and texture of this pear is best after at least 30 days of cold storage. 


The Bartlett is know worldwide for its versatile use as a fresh eating or canning pear.  Personally, we like this pear for fresh eating best when it's still crunchy! Most people, however allow them to completely ripen before eating and/or canning.